Next Lubricants range of lubricants for CO2 refrigeration systems are formulated with the latest anti-wear additives. These additives are critical in CO2 refrigeration systems due to the high pressure involved. Next Lubricants line of Refrigeration Lubricants will help ensure longer component life and improved system efficiency.

Number: 748
Polyalkylene Glycol CO2 Refrigeration Lubricant
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Series CO2-PAG is a lubricant that has been specifically formulated for CO2 refrigeration systems. Polyalkylene glycol based lubricants provide naturally high levels of wear protection and superior low temperature fluidity. This makes CO2-PAG and ideal choice for CO2 refrigeration systems.

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Number: 744
Polyol Ester CO2 Refrigeration Lubricant
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Series POE combines highly stable Polyol Ester lubricant with advanced anti-wear additives. Series POE lubricants will provide excellent protection against wear as well as providing excellent CO2 miscibility and oil return properties.

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