Next Lubricants Ammonia refrigeration lubricants are proven to offer superior cold temperature fluidity, and lower oil carryover rates. This has been achieved through a decades long research and development effort and a strong collaboration with OEMs throughout the industry. Next Lubricants has also become a leading developer of lubricants for high pressure ammonia heat pumps and ultra-cold refrigeration systems.

Number: 717-68
Ammonia Refrigeration Lubricant

OEM approved ammonia compressor oil. Using Next-717 will result in a decrease in oil loss and improved oil return. Next 717 is ideal for ammonia refrigeration systems with operating temperatures as low as -45°C.

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Number: 718-68
Food Grade Ammonia Refrigeration Lubricant

Food grade version of NEXT-717. This formulation meets H1 requirements for incidental food contact. For use in refrigeration systems with operating temperatures as low as -45°C.

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Number: 719-68
Ammonia Refrigeration Lubricant with Seal Conditioner

Version of NEXT-717 with a seal conditioner. The seal conditioner in this formulation reduces the likelihood of oil and refrigerant leakage. NEXT-717SC when replacing either naphthenic or alkylbenzene oils, or for systems that have issues with refrigerant or oil leakage.

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Number: 757-68
Synthetic Ammonia Refrigeration Lubricant

Full synthetic PAO formulation for systems operating as low as -54°C. SYN-717 excellent low temperature performance can significantly improve the performance of automatic oil return system, as well as reducing and even eliminating the required time for oil drains.

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Number: 717-100
Ammonia Heat Pump Oil
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Specifically developed for high pressure ammonia heat pumps. HP-717 has been formulated to resist viscosity dilution as well as providing excellent protection against wear and deposit formation which is critical for these high-pressure applications.

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Number: 184
DX Ammonia Refrigeration Lubricant

Polyalkylene glycol (PAG) lubricant for ammonia based direct expansion cooling systems.

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