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Next Refrigeration Lubricants: The Ideal Solution For Your System

Not all lubricants are alike, and neither are all refrigeration systems. Determining the right lubricant for a particular system requires careful examination of many factors — many of which are often overlooked throughout the industry. To ensure that you make the right lubricant selection for your specific needs, you can count on the expertise of Next Refrigeration.

For the right results, you need the whole picture

The selection of a proper refrigeration lubricant must take the whole system into account including important details such as:

  • Which refrigerant is used?
  • Which temperature will the system operate at?
  • What type of compressor system is used?
  • Does the system have an oil separator and, if so, what type?

These and other factors will affect the interaction between lubricant and refrigerant, ultimately reflecting on the performance, efficiency and lifespan of the compressor and the refrigeration system.

Competitors who formulate based on a one-size-fits-all approach can’t properly match a lubricant to your system. The outcome of improper lubricant selection may increase your costs, downtime and service intervals, and also decrease lubricant life.

Next Refrigeration has the expertise and production capabilities to create, distribute and service the ideal lubricant selection that will keep your compressor and refrigeration system in proper balance.

How do you know which lubricant is best for your system? Next Refrigeration makes it simple. You can rest assured that you will receive:

The ideal solution for your specific system

At Next Refrigeration, we thoroughly understand the complete workings of refrigeration systems. Beyond the machinery, we look at how different operating conditions, lubricants and refrigerants interact with one another. With our expertise, your selected lubricant will be the most appropriate choice for your needs.

Advanced, top-quality, proven formulations

Next Refrigeration’s lubricant formulations have been developed from years of research and consultation with industry experts and end users. They have been extensively tested for decades under a full scope of circumstances and conditions. Our research and in-depth knowledge allow us to take refrigeration lubrication technology to a level unmatched in the industry.

Lubrication without compromise

Competitive refrigeration lubricants tend to fixate on lubricant return at the expense of the formulation’s lubricating properties. Unfortunately, the steps they take tend to reduce the lubricating properties of the fluid, increase oil carryover (contamination) and promote lubricant washout. This can result in excessive wear and decreased component life, increasing your costs and inviting long periods of machine downtime. Next Refrigeration takes a carefully balanced approach that maximizes lubricant return, minimizes carryover and does not sacrifice lubricating properties. As a result, your lubricant lasts longer to minimize maintenance costs and downtime, it helps preserve your system’s energy efficiency, and it gives your system’s components better lasting potential. The bottom line: You receive a top-quality product that is ideally designed for your specific needs.

We invite you to explore the variety of Next Refrigeration lubricants available to you. For pricing or additional information to help you make the right choice for your specific needs, simply request a quote. We are happy to assist you.

The Next Refrigeration Advantage

Next Refrigeration’s expert knowledge regarding the behavior of different lubricants in all types of refrigeration systems and operating conditions ensures that your selected lubricant will be the most appropriate choice for your needs. All Next Refrigeration lubricants are thoroughly researched, proven and specially formulated to maximize the performance, efficiency and lifespan of the compressor and the overall refrigeration system.

Why Lubricant Return Matters

Proper, sufficient lubricant return to the compressor helps preserve thermal efficiency by preventing the lubricant from accumulating in the system and building film in the evaporator. When oil escapes into the refrigeration system, it is a contaminant. It can create a film on the evaporator tubing, resulting in increased energy costs and potentially causing the system to shut down. An excellent pour point and cold-temperature fluidity (both indicators of a lubricant’s ability to remain in a fluid state in cold temperatures) reduce oil carryover, encourage proper lubricant return, help minimize oil loss and maximize the lubricating capabilities of the oil.

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